How to add shipping options to your store

This guide walks you through how to set up shipping options for your store on Jemi. Shipping options allow your customer to choose how they'd like to receive their products. Once your customer has chosen a shipping option during checkout, the corresponding shipping fee will be added to the final cost of the order.

Note: Shipping fees are only added to the final price of the order if the customer has added a product to their cart that requires shipping.

As of April 2023, the primary way to add Shipping options is to create a flat fee per order and an optional product-level shipping fee for each product.

How to add flat fee shipping for every order

Flat fee shipping options allow you to charge specific shipping fees for every order. This means that you charge the same base shipping rate no matter how much the customer purchases from your store.

You can create multiple different shipping options with varying prices and shipping zones. For example, you can create a shipping option that only ships to addresses within the United States and charge a flat fee of $5. In addition to that, you can also create a separate shipping option that only ships to Canada and charge a flat fee of $10.

We recommend using your carrier's website to for help calculating rates:

To add a new shipping option to your store:

  1. Go to the Commerce > Settings tab and navigate to where you can see Shipping options.
  2. Click Add shipping option.
  3. Provide your shipping option with a name. For example, "FedEx Express Shipping".
  4. Input the shipping fee that you would charge for each order. This is the amount you will charge for shipping for each and every order at a bare minimum. You can specify different shipping fees for each product in the Manage Product view.
  5. Define which countries you would like to ship to using this shipping method.

Add shipping fee at a product level

In addition to adding a shipping fee for each order, you can set an additional shipping fee for each product. This is useful if certain products in your store would cost more to ship due to the weight and/or size of the item. For example, in addition to the $5 flat fee I've set at an order level, I can set up a $5 product-level shipping fee for just the shoes I sell because of the additional shipping cost due to the product's weight.

To set up a product-level shipping fee:

  1. Click on the product that you want to configure the product-level shipping for
  2. Scroll down to where it says "Shipping options".
  3. From here, you can input the additional fee you want to charge for each shipping option that has been configured.
  4. You can configure product-level shipping for every shipping option you've configured at an order level.
  5. Click "Save product".

Your customers' view

Upon entering their shipping address during checkout, customers will be presented with a selection of shipping options. It is the responsibility of the customer to choose the shipping option that is most suitable for their needs from the options provided. The total cost, which includes the shipping fee, will be displayed in the right-hand panel.

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