Commerce on Jemi

Commerce on Jemi

Shop Item

Adding products to your Store

The easiest way to add new products to your Jemi site is by clicking "+" to where you want to add the product, and selecting "Shop Item".

You can add the Title and Description and used advanced features for limited stock options, automated responses, and more.


What kind of "products" you can sell on Jemi

You can sell digital services, downloads, and physical goods! Please note we do not help with shipping and handling for physical goods, but you can integrate with Printful if you want to create custom merch and have Printful do the shipping and handling for you.

Where to track your orders

You can track all of your shop orders and requests by going to the Commerce > Orders tab. You can respond directly to your customers by using our dashboard or email them directly. You should see the customer's email at the top once you select the specific order.

How to issue refunds

Email us at if you need any help issuing a refund. We'll be building a way for users to issue refunds directly in the dashboard but for now, you can email us at if you need any help.

Advanced Shop Item Settings


Limited Quantity

Limited quantity is perfect if you have limited stock of a certain item (i.e. only have 10 hats you can sell). You can read more about limited quantities and how to get more sales through our blog post here.

Automated responses

If you’d like to send a link or an immediate text response for anyone who makes a purchase, use automated responses.

You can use automated responses to send a thank you message or to send a private link to a Zoom event, Discord channel, etc.

You can even personalize these responses by using {{customerName}}, which will be replaced by the requester's name when sending the automated response.


Custom Question

Custom questions could be used to gather additional context from your customer when they're placing an order.

There are 2 types of custom questions:

  1. Short text: Use this option if you want the customer to respond in a text format. For example, you can write questions like "Please let me know if you have any other specifics for your order."
  2. Multiple choice: Use this option if you have a set of choices that you want the fan to choose from.

You can use multiple choice custom questions for selling different variants of the same product (i.e. different colors for photos, different durations for calls, etc). For this option, you can also charge different amounts for each variant (see below).

You can also use this if you want to charge different amounts for merchandise depending on the shipping destination.

Shipping and fulfillment for physical goods

Jemi currently does not help with the shipping, handling, and fulfillment of physical goods. However, users can use our "Custom Questions" feature to set up a different add-on price for different shipping destinations (i.e. $4.95 for US, $9.99 for Canada, etc).

If you want to sell custom merchandise, check out our Printful integration guide.

Active vs Completed orders

Marking an order as "Completed" helps with record keeping, but isn't required to receive funds from the purchase.


What are Memberships?

Memberships allow you to generate recurring monthly revenue by offering recurring benefits to your customers. Memberships can be implemented with recurring interactions such as monthly group Zoom calls, access to a private community, or additional content that cannot be found elsewhere! Read more here.

How to set up a membership on Jemi

  1. Go the the Commerce > My Membership tab
  2. Determine the title and description for your membership
  3. Create tiers with different monthly prices and benefits. Read this guide for tips.
  4. Write a welcome message for new members!
  5. Go back to the website builder
  6. Add the "Membership block" where you want the button for your Membership to appear

Where do I see all my members?

You can track all members by going to the Community > Members tab.

Accepting payments

By default, Jemi accepts payments through both Stripe and PayPal. Therefore, users will be able to pay through card (Stripe) or their PayPal account on time of checkout.

In the future, we'll implement the ability for users to toggle which payment services they wish to allow/disallow.


Connecting your payout

You can receive payouts either via Paypal or direct deposits to your bank account (via Stripe). You can connect to the preferred payout method by going to the Earnings tab in your dashboard.

Please note, you will not be able to receive any payouts until you connect your payout method.

When do I receive my payouts

Payouts are initiated via Paypal or Stripe every 1-3 business days. You can see all your payouts in the Commerce > Payouts tab.

Understanding transaction fees

Your transaction fee will depend on which plan you are on for your Jemi website. Here are Jemi's transaction fees depending on your plan:

  • Free - 10%
  • Pro - 6%
  • Business - 0%

Please note there will still be a standard payment processing fee (Stripe, Paypal), in addition to Jemi's transaction fee.

If you are one of our early access users that signed up before 11/18/21, your payment processing fees are waived.